How Do I Get Rid Of The Bubbles After Mixing?

How do I get rid of Bubbles in epoxy resin?

Bubbles are common. A simple way to eradicate them is by using a heat source like a heat gun or a small torch. Lighter = No (You will burn your finger off).  

Also, we have special formulations which naturally have fewer bubbles overall, but depending on the volume being mixed, and how you are mixing it can create more bubbles as well. Using a deep pour epoxy such as the deep has a viscosity like water so you wont see hardly any bubbles using THE DEEP. Table Top Epoxy is much thicker so when mixing bubbles will appear, but dont worry, since the top coat is applied in 1/8 inch thickness they are easily removed.

PRO TIP: When mixing the epoxy resin and hardener… 

the more volume of mixture you have in a pot, the more chemical reaction. This creates heat. To reduce the heat, mix the product efficiently within 3-5 minutes and a get the mixture out and spread across the project. 

The longer it stays in a pot the more heat. More volume = more heat. 

More heat will not only create more microbubbles but it can make the cure brittle like glass. 

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