Why is temperature so important when pouring epoxy?

We can not stress this enough…Temperature is what is going to make this go smoothly or give you a headache unnecessarily. No matter what epoxy you are using from Yeti Labs Epoxy, We recommend following these temperatures for the best results.

Your work area (ambient temperature) – should be between 70-80 degrees. We never mix or pour in temperatures lower than this unless we are using THE DEEP – deep pour casting resin. This is because if it’s cold the epoxy thicken, which means it is much harder for the epoxy to release these bubbles even after torching when using THE TOP – table top and counter top epoxy. If you are using THE DEEP – Deep pour casting epoxy then you can pour in colder temperatures because its such a thin viscosity like water, the bubbles will be minimal to none anyways. However, as a general rule and to make things go smooth, we always get our temps in our work area to around 75 degrees.

Temperature of the epoxy – Sometimes we cant always get our rooms to the exact temperature because of the time of year, where we are in the world, etc. In that case and you are pouring in a colder environment, we recommend warming the epoxy before mixing and pouring. The way we do it is we put the epoxy in front of a space heater or similar until it reaches around 75 to 80 degrees. We have also used a double boiler and warm water to achieve this. We actually do this as well even if our room is at the correct temperature simply because the epoxy might have been stored in a garage or a cold vehicle, etc so we just make sure if it’s cold weather – double check the temperatures and adjust accordingly.

Warmer temperatures will give you fewer bubbles, smoother glass like finishes, and overall less headaches and issues.

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