What’s the best way to mix the epoxy?

We are big fans of hand mixing with a mixing stick. That being said, it really depends on the volume you are mixing and what epoxy you are using. For THE DEEP – Deep pouring casting epoxy, we are usually using large amounts, so we will mix with a drill for 5 minutes or until you do not see any “swirls” in the mixture, it should be crystal clear once mixed.

If you are using THE TOP – Table top and counter top epoxy, we base it on volume. If we are mixing 32 OZ or less we will mix by hand. Because this epoxy is much thicker in viscosity it is not made for pouring anything other than a top coat or less than 1/4″. We usually pour for an 1/8″ top coat. Mixing small amounts with a drill will make tons of bubbles and require much more attention than if you mix by hand. You will still get bubbles in a small mixture, but they will release with a torch or heat gun if you have not poured too thick, and your temperatures are correct. (see FAQ about temperatures)

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