How long of a workable time and set up time does the epoxy have?

THE DEEP – Deep pour epoxy has incredible pot life and workable time. You could leave this in a bucket for many hours and it will not overheat, or thicken on you. You literally have all day to work with it. The set up time on the deep pour because of its low heat and thin viscosity is between 36-48 hours after mixing. Light use or sanding can be done between 48-76 hours depending on temperature, as colder temperatures will make it take longer to set up. This epoxy when cured is extremely hard and crystal clear and is heat and scratch resistant as well as UV resistant.

THE TOP – Table top and countertop epoxy – This epoxy is designed thicker, and not meant to be poured in large deep voids or rivers, etc. It is designed for top coating tables, counters, art, and the like. It is a self leveling glass like top coat. After mixing the set up time is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on temperature. Colder temperatures will take longer for the epoxy to set up and cure. Light use or sanding can be done after 24 hours if the temperatures are correct. This epoxy is heat resistant, UV resistant and scratch resistant for an incredible glass like top coat that will last.

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